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This is an unofficial copy of Mozhi 2.0 documentation obtained from Varamzohi Project, Keyman and Internet Archive (old).

What is Mozhi?

Mozhi is an open source Malayalam keyboard scheme, based on transliteration, originally developed for Varamzohi application. It uses a unique English character sequence for each Malayalam letter making it easier to type for those who use Manglish. Raj Nair and Junaid P. V. are the authors of early versions. Current version is written by Cibu C. J.

Mozhi is used by following applications / input methods:

Changes from v1

The spec has been updated from its version 1 to include newly encoded characters, handling of chandrakkala, use of joiners, Shift-less input etc. In this, we are trying to hit a sweet spot with following objectives:

  1. Naturalness - being close to transliteration traditions of Malayalees; example: th for .
  2. Consistency - same sequence for same phenomena, for example, h is used to indicate aspirated consonants.
  3. Economical about keystrokes
  4. Type without pressing Shift key

A simple case study looking at the relationship between these parameters and the corresponding keystroke economy.

Rule-set that can implement the spec is available in this spreadsheet. Test cases for any implementation of Mozhi 2 are also listed there.